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friday faves posts 714

Friday Faves: Post Round-up for 7/14

Beyond Teaching

My husband and I should be in the Bahamas today, so that fact is making me a little ill.  Instead I’m starting my morning at school working on our curriculum rewrite, and then I’ll be reading for the rest…

friday faves 7/7

Friday Faves: Post Round-up 7/7 

Beyond Teaching

Uh oh, it’s now officially “back to school” time here in Alabama. Once you get past the 4th, the rest of the summer goes so quickly! I wish (as I always do) that I had taken a little more…

friday faves 6/30

Friday Faves: Post Round-up 6/30

Beyond Teaching

It has been a busy, busy week!  I finally got to ride my horse on Monday, managed to make it to kickboxing on Tuesday, and I’ve met with one friend or another for lunch or breakfast every day this…

Post Roundup Friday Faves June 23

Friday Faves: Post Round up for 6/23

Beyond Teaching

Well, if you’ve been here before, you might notice that my blog looks different.  After a couple days of feeling stressed and overwhelmed, I finally sat for five hours (I was subbing in summer school) and just worked on…